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When the Truth Hurts

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TITLE: When the Truth Hurts
TEXT: Acts 4:1-22
THEME: The believer should pray for boldness to proclaim the gospel.

Why should the believer pray for boldness in proclaiming the gospel?

 I.  There is no way to God ____________ through Jesus. (1-2)

   A.  The Jewish leaders challenged the _______________ of the apostles.

  •  The growth of the church was a challenge to their authority.
  • They could not refute the events that had taken place.
  • They did what any typical despot does - suppress the truth.

   B.  The Apostles clarify the miracles were in the name of Jesus.

   C.  They make the exclusive claim that Jesus is the only way to the Father.

 II.  Our obedience to God should ______________ our obedience to man. (13-21)

   A.  The Sanhedrin commanded the apostles to stop speaking in the name of Jesus.

   B.  The apostles were forced into a choice - obey God or obey man.

   C.  They confront the Jewish leaders with the _____________ of their mandate.

 III. Prayer gives us the boldness and ______________ to continue. (22-37)

   A.  God is sovereign over all of history.

   B.  Even _______________ of the gospel are under God’s control.

   C.  They acted boldly and watched as God grew His church.

The Permanence of God's promises

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TITLE: The Permanence of God's Promises
TEXT: Acts 3:11-26
THEME: The truth of God's promises should give you hope.

 Why should you follow the evidence wherever it may lead you?

 I.  It will lead us to the _____________. (11-16)

   A.  Truth is objective and based on reality.

   B.  Truth allows us to _______________ our distorted perceptions and biases.

   C.  Truth will enable us to avoid dangerous ideas and lifestyles.

 II.  The truth can keep us on the right __________ in life. (17-23)

   A.  God has given us resources to determine the truth.

   B.  The question is not, “Do I like it or agree with it?”- but “Is it true?”

   C.  We can learn to __________ with the truth but not with the lies.

 III. The truth of God’s promises ultimately provides our greatest  ___________. (24-26)

   A.  The truth will always lead us ___________ to God.

   B.  God’s promises are grounded in truth.

   C.  God’s promises can empower us to endure the hardships of reality.

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