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Loving God Comes with a Promise

TITLE: Loving God comes with a promise.
TEXT: Romans 8
THEME:  Everything will ultimately work out for the good for those who love God.

 What are the promises that come with loving God?

 1.  Even the bad things that happen to you will ultimately turn out for your ___________.

   A.  Christians will face the same ______________ as anyone else.

   B.  Whatever happens is in God’s control.

   C.  God can take the bad things and use them for our good.

 II.  You have a _______________ that runs through your life.

   A.  God does not guarantee better circumstances but a purpose for them.

   B.  We have the Holy Spirit who intercedes in our weakness.

   C.  _______________ Him is central to God’s purpose.

 III. The ____________ things are still to come.

   A.  God knows and has predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son.

   B.  God will _______________us just as He did with Jesus.

   C.  Our suffering can be so bad that only this promise can give us  hope.

Holiness - God's Highest Attribute

TITLE: Holiness - God’s Highest Attribute
TEXT: Isaiah 6
THEME: Encountering the holiness of God enables us to grasp the immensity of His love.

 What happens if you encounter our Holy God?

 Every encounter with a saint with God in the Bible was traumatic.

 I.  The Holiness of God leaves us in ___________. (1-5)

   A.  God is unlike anything you can even imagine.

   B.  An encounter with Him is ______________ and frightening.

   C.  An encounter with Him will unnerve and disorient you.

 II.  The Holiness of God Leads us to ________________. (6-7)

   A.  It is only through Gods ____________ that we can be in His Holy presence.

   B.  God’s grace removes our guilt and remorse.

 III. The Holiness of God Leads us to ____________.

   A.  God calls for us to ______________ Him.

   B.  It is a lifetime calling.

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