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BBC Weekly May 12, 2020

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BBC Weekly May 12, 2020
DRIVE-IN CHURCH THIS SUNDAY MAY 17, 10AM AT THE C2 CENTER. Fill your car with your family and come listen and see the service live from the parking lot.
The Detert family has a motorized scooter that was donated to Amanda’s aunt that they are not needing. They are wanting to give it to someone who needs it to get around. If you have need of one, or know of someone who could benefit from this mode of transportation please give either the church office a call at 780-826-4801 or Amanda at 780-812-2768.
WE ARE READY FOR PAINTERS. Amanda and P. Harald did a fabulous job of patching the Worship Center so now it’s ready for paint and the paint is here too!! We just need you!! The building is open Tuesday-Friday at 10AM. If you have a key, you can come any time and do what you have time for.
Kevin Casper’s blog continues on the problem of evil. If you have a moment go to and read part 5. Thanks
A message from Pastor Dave:
Renewing our call to join a Life Group.
What can we as a church do now? The present provincial limitation on group meetings is 15 people. This is about the size of an average Life Group. Many of our Life Groups have been put on hold due to peoples fears and uncertainties about the virus. Now that we have a better understanding of the virus it seems there are ways to safely take advantage of this option. We are encouraging you to begin attending your Life Group again using the safeguards that have been communicated through the media. There is a lot of ministry and encouragement that can happen in these small settings to allow us to continue to fulfill our mission as a church.

BBC WEEKLY May 8, 2020

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BBC Weekly May 8, 2020
Happy Mothers Day “She is far more precious that jewels” Proverbs 31:10
Sermon Series “Rising Above Life’s Circumstances—How to Respond to the Victim Culture”, a study of the book of Philippians continues this week with a sermon entitled “Is There Meaning in Suffering?”
You can join the “Watch Party” on Sunday at 10AM, 3PM or 6PM and invite someone to join you!!

NEXT WEEK—DRIVE IN CHURCH SERVICE 10AM AT THE C2. PLAN NOW TO COME PARK AND LISTEN TO THE SERVICE ON YOUR RADIO. If you can’t come to the drive in service we will have a simplified service on the website and you tube. We will not be able to broadcast the drive in service live so to join that service you have to be there. If you can help with set up on Sat the 16th or early Sunday morning the 17th contact Pastor Ben 780-812-9329.

This weeks Blog post “What Do I do with my Kids?” is up @ See if it can be of help to you in filling those hours at home when you run out of creative ideas!

LIFE GROUPS—If you have a few or many in your group that are willing to get together—PLEASE DO!! This is the time we need each other and for those of you who are venturing out—what better group to get together with than the people you do life with outside of your family.

We thank those of you who are willing to paint. We have started patching and should be able to start painting by next Tuesday. We are planning on doing the Worship Center and foyer at this time. Come help for an hour or half day, one day or until we’re done. All help appreciated. Many hands make light work.