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BBC Weekly June 26, 2020

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BBC Weekly  June 26, 2020

Good day BBC Family!  Happy Summer! A few items of interest:

  1. This Sunday you won't want to miss hearing our guest speaker; Kevin Casper.  He will be speaking at both the 9:15 and the 11am service. Come and be challenged.
  2. We are glad we can offer classes for the children age 2 and up and they are so enjoying getting together for story and craft.  We cannot accommodate the nursery at this time but it and the Mom's room are both available for moms that need them. They are sanitized and sterilized regularly.
  3. After this Sunday we will be evaluating the possibility of going to one service.  We will give you ample notice if this happens for July 5th.
  4. And speaking ofJuly 5th, we are having an all church picnic at the Little Leap Park. We'll meet following the service. You will have to bring your own food as we are not sharing anything food wise yet, bring a chair or blanket and the kiddos can bring swim wear to play in the splash park.
  5. Many of you have been to Mexico on the mission trip. Most of you to Baja but some to Oaxaca as well. We got a note from Janelle Keller the Executive Director of the Mission that confirmed that "all the buildings are intact and the staff and children are all safe following the 7.4 earthquake this week in this area. We join you in gratitude to God for His protection and also for praying with us for those who were affected."
  6. We are so grateful for new faces on the Tech Team but could still use a few more to fill out the rotation.  If interested, please talk to Pastor Ben.  780-812-9329

We trust you are staying connected with your neighborhood neighbors as well as your church family neighbors.  So important during this time.  Take care

BBC WEEKLY June 5, 2020

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Sunday 9:15am & 11am we continue the sermon series “Rising Above the Victim Culture—A study of Philippians” with a sermon entitled “We’re In This Together.”
Thursday, June 11, DAYS FOR GIRLS will be meeting from 9am-Noon.
We thank you for your continued faithful giving. You have been such a blessing.
A big thank you to all the additional tech team members who are helping with the live service streaming. As you may have noticed it seems like the second service is the one that works but please feel free to check either service at Bonnyville Baptist You Tube.  If you are interested in helping in this area please call Pastor Ben 780-812-9329.
Life Groups have been slow starting back up. If you are getting ready to take the summer off, please make a special effort to keep in contact with each other. Show some love, care and concern for each other during this time.