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We have permission to start meeting again with a limit of 50 in attendance at a time. We will fill the Worship Center first then we can put 30 in the Fellowship Hall. Both areas will be totally seperate as all doors connecting will be locked. Each has it's own wash room facilities, with one entrance and exit designated. There can be no nursery or children's classes so the kiddos will be staying with parents. The Library will not be open altho it will accept drop off items in the container outside the door. Masks will be available it you don't have one and wish to wear one. If you haven't checked out Pastor Dave's blog from Friday for the reopening directives you can do so now at For those of you who are not ready to attend in person the 9:15am service will be live streamed and on Facebook to be viewed at a later time that works for you.
We would also like to host 3-4 small groups in homes for those not ready to meet in a larger setting. Each home group can watch the service together. If you would be willing to volunteer to host one of these groups let our Life Group Coordinator Danielle know @ 780-201-3895. Also, we are encouraging our regular Life Groups to start up again as your people are willing to meet together.
Thanks so much to all of those who participated in making last Sunday's Drive In Service such a success. We so appreciate all of you who offered your expertise and volunteered your time. We know those of you who attended enjoyed it and we had several car loads come in from Cold Lake all saying they just looking forward to being part of a group that was Worshipping together!! So wonderful to offer that for everyone.

BBC Weekly May 15, 2020

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BBC Weekly May 15, 2020
Good day!! Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend
We are looking forward to our DRIVE-IN SERVICE THIS SUNDAY, 10AM AT THE C2. It will be so good to see many of you whom we haven’t seen in a few weeks. Invite family and friends - they may love it!! Definitely not a traditional church service.
NEXT SUNDAY WE WILL BE MEETING IN THE CHURCH BUILDING!! We have the go ahead to open with the limit of 50 so are planning on 2 services on Sunday the 24th, 9:15am and 11:00am. We will seat 50 in the Worship Center and are planning on seating 30 in the Fellowship Hall. These 2 options will be totally separate and considered 2 locations. Plan now to attend. We will be following all of the distancing guidelines along with children will be staying in the family unit. No kids classes or nursery. If you are uncomfortable with this happening in your lives at this point, we totally understand. You can still join with us as the service will be livestreamed at 10AM, and will also be online to watch later. PLEASE READ PASTOR DAVE’S BLOG FOR MUCH MORE DETAIL AND INSTRUCTION @
Here’s a couple of videos from Pastor Dave to lighten your day.
All COVID-19 commercial are the same.
Many companies have found themselves short on cash, almost overnight. Since they can't film a new ad because of social distancing, they compiled old stock b-roll footage and found the most inoffensive royalty-free piano track they could find. This, combined with a decade of marketing trends dictated by focus groups and design-by-committee, released a tsunami of derivative, cliché ads all within a week of one another. It's not a conspiracy - but perhaps a sign that it's time for something new.

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As you can imagine, giving has been down this month and we totally understand why. If you can give now or in the near future it will be greatly appreciated. You can e-transfer to ; mail it in or go to the website @ Thanks so much.

Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe.