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Good afternoon. It’s Friday again. We hope you are staying safe and feeling loved today.
Sunday’s Why ? This week is: Why is the Bible so weird? It seems there are all kinds of strange things in the Bible that don’t seem to make sense in today’s world. What do I do with these? This is the last question in the WHY series. Thank you for tagging along as we explored many of the questions you have had about what the Bible has to say about our contemporary world….and you can listen to any of the past Why questions on podcast if you go to
We are also doing a couple of blogs weekly. You can see these at Today’s blog is by Kevin Casper entitled “The Problem of Evil”: Is Covid-19 Evil? This is the first in a 3 part post so stay tuned for # 2 next Tuesday and # 3 next Friday.
The BBC Weekly will also be available at this blog site, and will be sent to you via e-mail as well.
If you are wanting access to Right Now Media we have the invitation address for you. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to access many worthwhile resources for adults, teens and kiddos.
We sincerely thank you for your generous giving over these last few weeks. You have been awesome and we are so blessed to be in ministry with you. E-transfers are now an option @ Also, you can give online at the website/give or mail in.
This Sunday @ 10AM invite a friend or family member to join the “Watch Party” on Facebook @ or YouTube
We are thinking now is a good time to do some general repair and painting at the church. The church will supply the materials. We need someone to oversee this project. If you have some free time and are willing to do this please contact Pastor Ben @ 780-812-9329. We also need willing servants who can weld a paint brush, and possibly bring a ladder. There can be several of us here if we spread out and take precautions. Spread the word and lets come together, (a few at a time) and freshen up our worship space. Thank you

BBC WEEKLY - April 14

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Good Day. I hope you can say with the Psalmist; ‘This is the day the LORD has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it.’ Psm 118:24

We are hearing good things about Life Group participation. Please keep in contact with each other. Pick up the phone, send an e-mail, video chat, face time, share prayer requests and praises, life’s daily struggles and successes, schooling tips and resources. This is the time to support and care for each other at an even deeper level.
Also, check on the neighbors around you and the elderly and isolating ones and see if they have any needs you can meet. Maybe surprise them with a plate of cookies and sweet note letting them know you are thinking of them and praying for them. We all need to feel loved and connected during this time and some don’t have as many options for this to happen as others.

We are so grateful you are using e-transfer for your giving. If you have any questions about how to do it contact Marilou at She will be most happy to help you out.

Also, we are recommending you sign in to Right Now Media for some quality watching options. You do need a direct invitation from the church to join so don’t hesitate to request that either through a phone conversation 780-826-4801 or ask on line and we will invite you to join.

We so appreciate your joining our church service on Sunday. This is also a huge opportunity for you to invite friends or family you may want to watch with you. You can do this by hitting the “Share” button or give them a call or text to join in.

Please send your praises and prayer requests to as well and we will send them out to our prayer team. Every request is important and as we have more time to pray, this is a great time for these folks who love to pray to agree with you in prayer regarding your heart’s burden.

**NEW** We will posting blogs on our website that we know will be of interest to you. These will vary in interest and content. Take a look at our first post from Pastor Dave @
Blessings on your week.