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Being engaged in church is about more than merely attending Sunday services.

Our vision as a church is one where people can discover life in Jesus and become more devoted followers of Jesus. To become that group of people, we need to continuously strive to grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus. This happens in a variety of ways. Spiritual growth is a daily task, which is why being engaged in church is more than just merely attending Sunday services.

If you are attending church on Sunday, that's a great place to start! We will keep encouraging you to do so. Sunday services are intended to help you learn about the Bible and give you tools to equip you on your spiritual journey. We will also encourage you to get into a life group. Our life groups are designed to nurture spiritual growth and provide you with a supportive Christian community to go deeper in your faith. We'll also try to find an area for you to serve during the week because God has given you special gifts and passions that can be used and incorporated to reach our church's vision. In serving, our time and passions create space for us to develop more meaningful connections and also grow in our relationship with Christ.

 As you get to know us, you'll hear us talk about the 5 G's - GRACE, GROWTH, GROUPS, GIFTS, and GIVING. This is how we talk about our process of becoming a fully devoted followers of Jesus. We will work hard to help you walk through these steps in time, and then start to help others do the same.

 We look forward to getting to know you more, and our hope is that we can provide you with as many opportunities help to point you to Jesus!

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