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Sermon notes: I am the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:17-18, 21:1-8)

TITLE: I Am the Alpha and Omega
TEXT: Revelation 1:7-8, 21:1-8
THEME: The believer can endure all hardship by knowing Jesus in eternally present.

What does it mean that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega?

I. He is worthy of our worship for what He ______ done. (Rev. 1:5-8)

      A. He is the ruler of all kings.
      B. He freed us from our sins to serve God.

      C. His coming again produces ___________ for those who are due judgment. 

II. He is worthy of worship because of what he ________ doing. (Rev.1:12-18)

       A. His divine appearance reveals He is the supreme measure of __________.

       B. His presence induces fear and doom in those who deny him.

       C. For the believer His eternal presence relieves us from fear.

III. He is worthy of our worship because of what He ______ do. (Rev. 21:1-8)

       A. He will establish a new heaven and earth.

       B. He will dwell ________ in the new Holy City He is preparing for us.

       C. He will remove all the sadness, mourning, and pain of the old order.    

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Sermon notes: I Am the Resurrection and the Life (John 11)

TITLE: I Am the Resurrection and the Life.
TEXT: John 11 
THEME: The Resurrection of Lazarus proves Jesus's claims about Himself.

What does the resurrection of Lazarus teach us about your need to trust Jesus?

I. Jesus is in ___________ of the events in your life. (1-16)

      A. He set the stage for what was to happen to Lazarus.
      B. He is not __________ by the crisis' that happen in our lives.

      C. His delayed response was intentional, to make a point. 

II. Jesus ________ deeply about the people who trust Him. (17-37)

       A. He saw the grief of Martha and those around her.

       B. He will use this miracle as proof of who He is.

       C. He empathized with and ______________ the grief of others.

III. Jesus is powerful enough to act for your __________. (38-57)

       A. Lazarus' death was well validated.

       B. Jesus raised him with a simple __________ of His voice.

       C. Our response to whom Jesus is determines our own resurrection and life.

              * Many believed in Jesus and will receive the resurrection and life.
              * Others may see Jesus as a fraud and threat, regardless of the evidence.


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